Corporate Coaching 

Increase Wellbeing and Fuel Productivity

Our corporate coaching programs are designed to heighten both productivity and wellbeing, which several studies show boosts morale and heightens employee staying power. Ultimately, this strengthens your brand and increases your customer and stakeholder satisfaction – positively impacting your bottom line.

Further, our programs implement a systems view throughout the teams we work with. This enables you to be proactive, handle change constructively, see conflict as opportunities for growth, work confidently with complexity, and above all create dynamic and high-performing cultures with trust, diversity and wellbeing at the center.

We are in a time defined by rapid and constant change, making the world more complex than ever. Diversity is at the forefront of many business's agenda, although it seems many see it as more of a buzz word than the powerful catalyst for growth it can be. Additionally, high turnover has become a new normal for many companies due to the changing attitudes towards work present in Millennials and especially Gen Z-ers. It is necessary to know how to navigate these waters if you want to remain successful in 2022 and beyond.

Effective & Sustainable

Coaching for the corporate environment is an effective, sustainable way to build healthy work cultures, increase wellbeing and develop leadership. Corporate coaching can be delivered either through 1:1 leadership coaching , team coaching, team coaching programs or a tailored combination.

Choose between our different solutions

Please note: All programs can be tailored to suit your needs.

Leadership at Work

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is a result-oriented, strength-based and highly individual process to help you reach your goals as a leader in ways that are aligned with your values and talents. Book a discovery call to learn more.

Time frame: 6 - 12 months 

Location: In-person, online or by phone

Relationship Systems intelligence


Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI) is the knowledge, skill and competency to effectively work with, understand, and draw out the collective wisdom of the systems you are part of. Read more here.

Time frame: 16 hours over 2 or more days

Group size: 12-24 participants (in-house only)

Location: In-person or online

THe Team Performance Program

Leader as Team Coach 

The Leader as Team Coach Program adds team coaching competencies to your leadership toolbox and shows the difference it makes when you shift from leading your teams to coaching your teams. Read more here.

Time frame: 4-5 months – 34 hours across 9 live sessions

Group size: 16+ participants

Location: Online

Bring it all together

Leader as Team Coach + RSI@Work

Bring leadership, team coaching and RSI together to form a solid platform for the workplace of tomorrow. Be on the forefront of change, navigate complexity and leverage conflict and crises as game-changing opportunities. 

Time frame: 50 hours over 6 months

Group size: 16+ (in-house only)

Location: Online

Want to know more or ready to book your corporate coaching program? 

We would love to hear more about you and your company and give you some ideas for how we can help you in your specific situation!

What Our Clients Say

Thomas Aarup Christensen



"Game changer for my professional life! Leadership coaching with Leni at C-MOMENTUM has been a game changer for my professional life. From having many challenges, to be fun and fantastic. This also resulted in me being able to take my career to the next level.

I started the session because I had challenges in my leadership style with negative impact on the employees and customer satisfaction. 1 year after my coaching program ended the customer pulse increased significantly to the top of the industry, and bringing the employee satisfaction up to the best in the company. The period with Leni was very intensive and Leni was truly able to push and change behaviors. Leni did this by setting clear direction, give time for reflection, pushing me to deliver, all the while being there with empathy when it was difficult. Leni is still on my mind very often. When I am challenged I refer back to the behaviors that we defined together and I remember Leni with gratefulness. I can truly recommend Leni for leadership coaching. She has succeeded in helping me create significant game changers for my professional life, and thereby bringing my professional life to new levels."

Bea Grist

Mental Health and Wellbeing Manager


"I have felt truly 'seen' by Leni throughout our work together. She gently encourages you to dream bigger whilst holding a safe, powerful and courageous space for you to do the work you want to do. She has this incredible ability of asking the right questions at the right time and articulating back exactly what is true for you. Leni's power is in her integrity, realness and her caring and nurturing approach which she lives and breathes. She is not afraid to call out limiting beliefs when she notices them - something which has opened up so much for me."

Igshaan Soules


South Africa

"Leni is a no-nonsense leader with incredible passion and heart. I have had the pleasure of co-facilitating a number of training sessions with Leni in various countries. I love co-facilitating with Leni and have no hesitation recommending Leni as coach or facilitator."

corporate coaching

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