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Jump-start the process with a free Team Leader View™ Assessment

The Team Leader View is a convenient online diagnostic tool with a dual purpose: Establishing a view of the team as well as the impact of leadership. The Team Leader View, or TLV for short, gives team leaders a way to compare their view of the team’s strengths and weaknesses to a proven model of team effectiveness used by thousands of teams worldwide. The assessment also shifts the mindset from the leadership of individual performers, to the leadership of the team as a whole. In this way, TLV also serves as leadership feedback. For team leaders, it is a measure of the impact of their leadership. And as we know; what gets measured gets managed.

What You’ll Get During This Free TLV Discovery Call

As a team leader you know there are many needs to meet and hats to wear. An important question to ask is when to lead and when to coach your team in order to take them to the next level. In our Discovery Call we look at the current challenges your team is facing and how you can help your team improve their performance, and learn how your unique leadership style impacts the team.

What Happens Before the Call

After booking your Discovery Call and providing us with a few details about your team during it, we will send you the link to your free Team Leader View assessment. Once we receive your results, we will start preparing for our debrief call.

What Happens During the TLV Debrief Call

Once on the call we will look at the results of your assessement and guide you towards what you can do to help your team increase their performance. You will get a clear view of your next steps and the impact of your leadership style.

What Changes After the Call

Now that you have more insights into your team's strengths and challenges, your impact and what to do next, it is time for implementation. What might the team say if they took the same assessment? 

Leni Christine Jebsen

Leni is a multi certified coach, the CEO of C-MOMENTUM AS, Partner & Co-founder of TeamPerformance, as well as a licensed facilitator of the RSI@Work Model through CRR Global, Inc.

In all her work and roles, she aims to support her clients to excel and be the best they can be - or more, by creating healthy work cultures through skillsets and competencies that equip them with a systems inspired leadership approach - a consistent game changer.

She says: "We believe that happy people and teams that thrive are able to accomplish so much more, and that teams and leadership groups, managers and executives need a different set of skills and tools to navigate today's increasingly complex work cultures and environments. This is not only valuably on an individual level, but transfers to the organizational level, our personal lives and to our societies. The value of wellbeing and thriving leaders and teams is immense."

Why We Recommend Having a Free Discovery Call

Commitments can be hard. We get it. That’s why we offer this commitment free opportunity. It gives you the chance to experience what it could be like having us on your team, and the freedom to reflect on whether it’s right for you or not. And when we say commitment free, we mean it. You could walk away after the call, and that would be it - or you could sign up for coaching and leverage our years of experience and knowledge.

The choice is yours.

Let’s Help You Improve Your Leadership Toolbox!

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