Personal Coaching

Personal coaching

Reconnect With Who You Are

Personal coaching is a way for you to reach greater fulfillment in your personal and professional life. Through working with your aspirations, goals, and dreams, a personal coaching program will help you build the self-confidence and self-trust you need to take the next steps in your life. 

Coaching is a holistic solution and goal-oriented conversational process where the focus is on you and your values, purpose, growth, motivation and success. It is an efficient method for motivated goal achievement, self-development and personal growth. Regardless of position, title, role or life situation, working with a coach can make all the difference. Your coach will support, encourage and challenge you along the way, always seeing your best self and magnificence, and never allowing you to play small. 

The coaching relationship is one between equals where the progress you make is tied to your engagement and willingness to act on your own behalf and where the responsibility to deliver effective, meaningful and empowered coaching lies with your coach. 

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Personal Coaching

Embark on a personal discovery journey where you learn about yourself, and your strengths, talents and blindspots. You will uncover what gets in the way for you to lead and live the life you truly long for and gain the self confidence and courage to go after your dreams in ways that ring true for you.

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Couples Coaching

When life changes or when goals, dreams and needs clash and misunderstandings get out of hand, connection is at risk. Couples coaching teaches you how to navigate your relationship's different stages and challenges to remain in right relationship with each other, regardless of the circumstances.

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Refocus | Recharge

Coaching Retreat

Our Recharge Retreat is a unique invitation to pause and recenter – to reconnect with who you truly are and find your next steps forward. Gain insight, clarity and energy as you walk the beautiful beaches, relax in the garden and engage in coaching conversations. You have your own suite of rooms and if you don't feel like cooking, we'll cook for you.

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Refocus | Reconnect | REcharge | Reclaim

Personal Coaching + Coaching Retreat

Our coaching retreat/personal coaching combo allows you to kick start your self development journey. It's a unique way for you to get traction fast and develop strong anchor points that will support you toward your goals and dreams. Experience the warm, comforting and stress-free space we have created for you and allow it to empower your coaching journey.

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Coaching with Leni has given me so many tools to use to approach life from a powerful position. Now, I can tap into what I want much more intuitively and clearly, position my mindset and enter different situations the way I’ve chosen to.

I feel like I’m sculpting life, more than just passively experiencing it. This has been invaluable!

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