Relationship Systems Intelligence™

A New Way Towards Leadership and High-Performing Teams

Hi, I'm Leni Christine. The CEO and Head Coach at c-momentum. I help my clients avoid burnout, leverage diversity and bring leadership to the front.

Increase Leadership and Team Performance

Organizations run on the emotional currency of relationship and connectivity. It doesn't matter how sophisticated your technology is, how educated your employees are, or how powerful your leadership is. Unless there is a high level of Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI), productivity and success will be compromised.

Future-oriented and proactive organizations know the importance of relationship skills and the value of excellent team performance. More and more organizations also see the value in having this expertise internally.

As a Licensee of RSI@Work by CRR Global, we offer custom-made In-House Team Training for organizations that want to transform their business, culture, and leadership and build internal expertise in relationship systems intelligence rather than depend on consultants and outside forces.

What is RSI@Work?

Relationship Systems Intelligence - RSI - is the knowledge, skill and competency to effectively work with, understand, and draw out the collective wisdom of the systems you are part of. 

Teams and leaders with high levels of Relationship Systems Intelligence can create work environments that facilitate productive human interactions, leverage conflict creatively, retain valuable workers, and accommodate constant change, all while supporting operational and business objectives.

Highly Tailored to Your Needs

RSI@Work is designed to provide foundational training in Relationship Systems Intelligence while leveraging skill-building scenarios and vignettes tailored to your organization and specific situations.

You and your team will be able to directly address real-time issues during the course, then immediately apply the tools you'll learn once you've returned to the work environment. The impact of RSI@Work is desgined to last and is felt long after the course ends, as it becomes an integral component of the organization's culture.

The course works well as a stand-alone offering; however, many of our clients find that its impact is increased when combined with individual coaching, team coaching, team assessments, or our cutting-edge TeamPerformance program. You, of course, know what is best for you and your team. Nevertheless, we would be happy to jump on a call to help you tailor your c-momentum experience to fit your unique situation.

Why We Recommend Having a Discovery Call:

Discovery calls have shown themselves to be an effective way to gauge whether this is the right investment we would be right for each other. It gives each party an opportunity to "feel it out" and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. 

We have made the discovery call completely commitment-free, so that there are no reservations. 

There is no charge, and no chasing you after the fact.

What Can RSI@Work Give You?

The training is carefully designed to equip teams, team leaders, in-house coaches, HR, and OD professionals. Through a systems approach, the purpose is to create sustainable and healthy, high-performing cultures. 

Teams and individuals who participate in RSI@Work will be better equipped to:

  • Handle mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, and growth

  • Promote positivity

  • Design agreements for accountable conversations

  • Develop alignment among partners and teams

  • Recognize team toxins and resolve conflict

  • Uncover existing wisdom and unleveraged potential in the system

RSI@Work is delivered over 16 hours, in instalments of either four half days, two single days, or one two-day workshop. In order to accommodate your needs, it can be delivered in person or online.

Book an RSI Discovery Call or call us at +47 91173191 to learn more about RSI@Work and how we can support your company and teams. 

"Leni's expertise in coaching and team coaching is deep and thorough. She blends her skills and personal and professional experience to coach you in a way that will challenge you to cross barriers you didn't even know existed."

Paal Leveraas | Coach, writer, entrepreneur | Norway

Leni Christine Jebsen


About Leni Christine

I am Leni, an Organization & Relationship Systems Certified Coach and the CEO of C-MOMENTUM. We aim to support our clients to excel at creating healthy work cultures. By adding RSI@Work to our products and services, we are able to equip teams and leaders with a systems inspired leadership approach, something we see again and again makes all the difference.

We believe that happy people and teams that thrive are able to accomplish so much more, and that teams and leadership groups, managers and executives need a different set of skills and tools to navigate today's increasingly complex work cultures and environments. 

RSI@Work gives you that foundation.

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