The Team Coaching Program for Leaders by TeamPerformance.

Learn how to coach your team to maximum performance and sustainability through team coaching

Hi, I'm Leni Christine, CEO of C-MOMENTUM and  Partner and Co-Founder of TeamPerformance. I help my clients excel at team performance and systems inspired leadership to avoid burnout, leverage diversity and create happy and healthy work environments.
Leni Christine

Increase Team Performance and  Leadership

There is a considerable gap between working with individuals to create team cohesion – and achieving stellar team dynamics. Our team coaching program equips team leaders with essential team coaching skills and insights to make a significant and sustainable positive difference. A bonus is that participants will learn to create authentic, psychologically safe online environments, which is vital when working virtually.

This program is exclusively for team leaders and is highly interactive, giving you hands-on experience working with real cases (including your own).

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By adding team coaching competencies to your toolbox, you discover the difference it makes when you coach a group of people to come together to form a highly productive team that is engaged, dynamic, driven, and committed!

Leader as Team Coach

Our recently developed team coaching program for leaders has received outstanding reviews. It builds on the International Coach Federation's core competencies within team coaching but gears towards leaders, not coaches.

The TeamPerformance Program for Leaders enables you to effectively coach your teams towards high performance. You will discover when to coach and when to lead and learn how to manage your different roles, leverage diversity, and integrate a systems approach to working with teams, thus empowering leadership and mutual accountability.

The program can be given in-house or in collaboration with other organizations. If delivered to multiple organizations, learning from different industries, networking, and new perspectives is a bonus. In-house, the bonus is breaking down silos, leveraging diversity, and enhancing communication across various departments, thus building a strong culture of growth and development.

“This program is a “must” for anybody working with teams. You get a solid professional platform, holistic understanding, and concrete tools and techniques that prove invaluable when changing between the role of team leader and team coach.”

The program consists of 34 hours divided into 9 online live sessions delivered over 4-5 months with training assignments between each session. The TeamPerformance Team Coaching Model creates a guideline for skills, competencies, and purpose. We are currently working towards ICF accreditation for this program.

Why We Recommend Having a Discovery Call

Discovery calls have shown themselves to be an effective way to gauge whether this is the right investment we would be right for each other. It gives each party an opportunity to "feel it out" and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. 

We have made the discovery call completely commitment-free, so that there are no reservations. 

There is no charge, and no chasing you after the fact.

Team coaching journey

Overview of Program Sessions

  • 1 - Program introduction - foundation and team agreements
  • 2 - The leader as team coach - when to coach and when to lead, working with systems
  • 3 - Team coaching part 1 - setting the stage for team coaching
  • 4 - Ethical practice, the coaching mindset
  • 5 - Trust and safety, maintaining agreements and presence, co-creating the relationship
  • 6 - Effective communication, team toxins, and collaboration
  • 7 - Learning and development, overcoming resistance
  • 8 - Team coaching part 2 - facilitating and promoting growth, change and transformation
  • 9 - Integration, way forward, completion

All sessions are interactive with various coaching exercises, dialogue, small and large group work, and skills integration.

Individual work, trust buddy work, and mastermind groups will support learning and growth and ensure the implementation of new skills and competencies.

The program consists of 34 hours divided into 9 online live sessions delivered over 4-5 months with training assignments between each session.

Book a Discovery Call or call us at +47 91173191 to learn more about the Team Coaching Program and how we can support your leaders and teams. 

"You can count on Leni to be conscientious, courageous and direct. She will not hesitate to ask the challenging question because she knows that it leads to honest conversations. And honest conversations leads to learning, growth and deeper relationship."

Phillip Sandahl | Co-founder & CEO Team Coaching International | USA

What Inspired TeamPerformance?

TeamPerformance was brought to life by a need for a team coaching program designed specifically for team leaders to understand and learn how combining specific team coaching and leadership skills can propel their teams towards better results.

The program guides leaders to create a safer work environment and a more aligned culture free of silos, featuring agile and collaborative teams with high degrees of leadership.

The program is a culmination of years of experience coaching teams, training coaches, and delivering coaching programs globally. The Team Coaching Program for Leaders, or Leader as Coach, is co-designed by the experienced team & leadership coaches, facilitators, and trainers, Leni Christine Jebsen and Peter Hård.

An Agent For Systemic Change

Incorporating the fundamental team coaching core competencies developed by the International Coach Federation in 2020, the program delivers a solid foundation of skills, understanding, and insights into applying a systems view when working with teams. Leveraging the teams' inherent potential and the fundamental differences of working with teams and groups as opposed to individuals are also key elements.

Between them, Peter and Leni have coached over 250 executive teams and trained hundreds of coaches and leaders in over 40 countries in the art of coaching and team coaching.

The Team Coaching Program was delivered for the first time at NAV, the Norwegian Labour & Welfare Administration, in early 2021. NAV employs 19000 people and administers a third of Norway's national budget through schemes such as unemployment benefit, work assessment allowance, sickness benefit, pensions, child benefit, and cash-for-care benefit.

Evaluation after this first delivery measured high satisfaction and effect, and the program was requested again for a second run starting in September 2021.

RSI@Work - A Bite-Sized Approach

We also offer a shorter, in-house program for organizations that want to transform their business, culture, and leadership. This is initially a 2-day in-person program, or we can deliver it as an online program where we split the two days into four half days.

Book a call with us to find out what kind of transformation your business needs, how to approach change, and if RSI@Work is a better fit at this time.

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Leni Christine Jebsen


About Leni Christine

Leni is a multi certified coach, the CEO of C-MOMENTUM AS, Partner & Co-founder of TeamPerformance, as well as a licensed facilitator of the RSI@Work Model through CRR Global, Inc.

In all her work and roles, she aims to support her clients to excel and be the best they can be - or more, by creating healthy work cultures through skillsets and competencies that equip them with a systems inspired leadership approach - a consistent game changer.

She says: "We believe that happy people and teams that thrive are able to accomplish so much more, and that teams and leadership groups, managers and executives need a different set of skills and tools to navigate today's increasingly complex work cultures and environments. This is not only valuably on an individual level, but transfers to the organizational level, our personal lives and to our societies. The value of wellbeing and thriving leaders and teams is immense."

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